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Angkara Cinta Episod HD Astro Prima

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Angkara Cinta Episod Astro PrimaAngkara Cinta Sinopsis DramaTells about two figures who happened to share the same name, namely Luqmanul Haqeem bin Razlan. Luqman and Haqeem grew up in very different family background situations. One is overwhelmed by luxury while the other is overwhelmed by poverty.As adults, they were both destined to be good friends and entered the Police Academy together. They share everything together, do activities and routine fun together, without knowing the real fact they are apparently siblings sharing the same father.Mariani (Haqeem’s mother) and Razlan get married at the border and Razlan escapes when Mariani conceives Haqeem. Razlan apparently married Indah and had a child, Luqman. Razlan is forbidden by his mother to return to Mariani and make up the story that Mariani has had a miscarriage.Finally, after several incidents, the true story is finally revealed that Luqman and Haqeem are apparently brothers of one father. Since then, their relationship began to cool down and various conflicts began to erupt. What’s more, Indah is not comfortable with Mariani’s presence in their lives.Coupled with the love dilemma faced between Luqman and Haqeem who happened to love the same girl, Adira. What will happen to Mariani and Haqeem next? Will Razlan make amends for his mistakes and regrets releasing responsibility towards them first?Will Indah be silent? There is no way he will allow Razlan to bring Mariani into their lives. What’s more, it involves their wealth that Mariani and Haqeem will probably enjoy in the future. How does Adira want to choose the love of her heart? Between Luqman and Hakeem, who managed to own Adira?Angkara Cinta Episod Astro PrimaJUDUL : ANGKARA CINTAEPISOD : 70SIARAN TV : Slot Tiara (Astro Prima & Prima HD)

WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Jumaat, 6:00 petang

PENGARAH : Hadith OmarPRODUKSI : Juita Viden Sdn BhdPELAKON : Hun Haqeem, Meerqeen, Wanna Ali, Yuna Rahim, Nina Juren, Normah Damanhuri, Sharifah Shahora, Syazwan Zulkifly, Alif Muhaimin, Azhar Amir, Roy Azman, Lydia Saimon, Ku Fridah, Hamidah Wahab, Nur Auni Zahra, Gen Darwish, Syed Irfan


Hun Haqeem sebagai Luqman
Meerqeen sebagai Haqeem
Wanna Ali sebagai Adira
Yuna Rahim sebagai Jijie
Nur Auni Zahra sebagai Adira
Syed Irfan sebagai Luqman
Gen Darwish sebagai Haqeem
Nina Juren sebagai Mariani
Normah Damanhuri sebagai Nek Milah
Sharifah Shahora sebagai Indah
Alif Muhaimin sebagai Dino