Biar Mereka Cemburu Episod Astro Ria

Biar Mereka Cemburu Episod Astro Ria. (Gempak) We look forward to the dramatic adaptation of the novel Anuar Darwisy featuring Aiman Hakim, Nabila Razali dan Izzat Mushtaq on the MegaDrama slot, Astro Ria Drama Biar Mereka Cemburu story going to romantic, comedy centers around a complicated youngers love story between Nadia and Eidil , as well as Fetri and Marsha.  As ex partners, Marsha becomes jealous of Eidil’s new love interest, Nadia. All while Fetri becomes obsessed with Marsha and sees Eidil as his only obstacle, vowing to remove him from the picture..Screened very soon, Expected date 1 – 28 December, 2020 l Every Monday – Thursday at 10 pm to 11 pm on Astro Ria and Ria HD.

Biar Mereka Cemburu Episod

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Biar Mereka Cemburu Episod Astro Ria

Izzat Mushtaq sebagai Rostam
Rubini sebagai Marsha
Aiman Hakim Ridza sebagai Tengku Eidil
Shah Rezza sebagai Tengku Alauddin
Bella Dowanna sebagai Nabila
Hasmira Azmi sebagai Sofea
Nabila Razali sebagai Nadia
Mas Anizan sebagai Engku Zulaikha
Syahir Shafein sebagai Reza
Adam Malek sebagai Nabil
Aedy Ashraf sebagai Fetri
Biar Mereka Cemburu Episod Astro Ria
TARIKH TAYANGAN : November 2020
PRODUKSI : Global Station Sdn Bhd
SIARAN TV : Megadrama (Astro Ria)
PENGARAH : Roslin Sharif
PENULIS NOVEL : Anuar Darwisy
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Khamis, 10:00 malam
PELAKON : Hasmira Azmi, Syahir Shafein, Adam Malek, Bella Dowanna, Rubini Sambanthan, Shah Rezza, MAedy Ashraf, Aiman Hakim Ridza, Nabila Razali, Izzat Mushtaq, as Anizan sebagai Engku Zulaikha
Biar Mereka Cemburu Episod Astro Ria

Opportunities (Branding): 

  • Behind the scene on GEMPAK
  • Set Tour on GEMPAK
  • In-show brand scripting
  • In-show brand integration
  • Opening & Closing Credits
  • In-show TVC
  • Branded Promo
  • Spin off customized episodes on digital platform

Biar Mereka Cemburu 3


Nadia, the only bus conductor in KL who, if her appearance is tidy, she wears beautiful things, seems to flock to men who fall in love. But in her simplicity as well, she still managed to win the hearts of two guys. A bus driver and another tengku son. He is confused. Want to choose which love while wanting to make love he does not know!

Rostam, a bus driver who is shy but wants people. Has the weight of the mouth to express his feelings to his own bus conductor. When it comes to strength in oneself to be honest, there comes a competitor who makes himself feel challenged. He needs to quickly say the words of love but did he have time? But do not know, he also has his own fanatical fans. Every day he invites her to get married! A suicidal woman who is willing to jump the bus when he rejects the woman’s love.

Iedil, the son of a tengku, a man who has everything. Including the lover of the heart. But somehow, he can be pleased with this person’s bus conductor. Until I was willing to take the bus every day to work just to meet this beautiful conductor. But not happy! Because he already has a lover.

There waiting, here waiting. In the city of Paris, Nadia made istikharah.

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Biar Mereka Cemburu