Bicara Cinta Episod 15 (2020) Tv3 Ep Full

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Bicara Cinta Episod TV3

Tells the story of Anis Sofea taking herself to trace the origins of her late mother in a remote area after both her parents died in a road accident. At the urging of Tok Ali and Nenek Humairah, they asked Anis to agree to marry Rais so that Anis’ life would be better.

Without the feeling of love and the almost 20-year age gap between Anis and Rais, it is difficult for the two of them to survive together. Over time, love began to blossom and they began to feel love for each other.

Anis was tested again when Rais lost track in the forest and did not return home. Anis began to suffer unbearable longing. Saddiq appeared in the village after not being in touch for a long time. Looking at Anis’ current situation, Saddiq began to fall in love and asked Anis to return to his lap. Suddenly, Rais returned home unmanaged. What will happen later?

Bicara Cinta Episod 15 (2020) Tv3 Ep Full

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