Bicara Cinta Episod TV3

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Bicara Cinta Episod TV3 Completed

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Tells the story of Anis Sofea taking herself to trace the origins of her late mother in a remote area after both her parents died in a road accident. At the urging of Tok Ali and Nenek Humairah, they asked Anis to agree to marry Rais so that Anis’ life would be better.

Without the feeling of love and the almost 20-year age gap between Anis and Rais, it is difficult for the two of them to survive together. Over time, love began to blossom and they began to feel love for each other.

Anis was tested again when Rais lost track in the forest and did not return home. Anis began to suffer unbearable longing. Saddiq appeared in the village after not being in touch for a long time. Looking at Anis’ current situation, Saddiq began to fall in love and asked Anis to return to his lap. Suddenly, Rais returned home unmanaged. What will happen later?

EPISODE: 13 episodes
SHOW: September 21, 2020
RELEASE TIME: Monday-Thursday, 10:00 pm
TV RELEASE: Slot Samarinda TV3
SCRIPT AUTHOR: Syed Mohamad Taufik Syed Abdul Jalil
DIRECTOR: Along Kamaludin
PRODUCTION: Primeworks Studios
ACTORS: Emma Maembong, Adi Putra, Jalaludin Hassan, Fadilah Mansor, Balkisyh Semundur Khan, Azrel Ismail, Khaty Azean, Syed Aiman, Beego, Khalida Balqis, Eizlan Yusof, Lisdawati, Rahim Jailani, Yumna Ayuna, Fadzil Hamdan, Maria, Fatiha, Fatiha, Fauzan


Adi Putra as Adee / Rais
Emma Maembong as Anis Sofea
Jalaludin Hassan as Tok Ali
Fadilah Mansor as Grandmother Humairah
Balkisyh Semundur Khan as Nomi
Khaty Azean as Mahzan
Azrel Ismail as Saddiq
Eizlan Yusof as Zainuddin
Lisdawati as Zaleha
Rahim Jailani as Hamid
Syed Aiman ​​as Khalid
Beego as Sarip
Fadzil Hamdan as Shaari
Maria as Ms. Ana
Ayuna as Kak Zai
Fatiha as Safiyya
Fauzan as Ustaz Sulaiman

Universe – Martyr
Nafas Cinta – Soffwany Yusof
Sandiwawra – Xpose Band

Bicara Cinta Episod TV3

Bicara Cinta Episod TV3

Bicara Cinta Episod TV3

Review about the Episod Bicara Cinta- Nomi’s return from town with her sour face attracted Khalid’s attention. Nomi tells him he came across Adee with a beautiful girl. Khalid tells that the girl is Zaleha’s daughter as Adee once told her. Nomi recalled the love story of Zaleha and Adee that made her love not be served by Adee. Rais apparently refused Tok Ali’s request. This is because their age is too far to be united as husband and wife. In fact, until now, he has not had any special feelings for Anis. Tok Ali is empty.

After decades of eating Zaleha’s liver, only today everything in her heart is dissolved. Mahzan’s arrogance and arrogance have destroyed the happiness they are trying to build. Zaleha was heartbroken when Mahzan slandered Anis as a child as a result of her relationship with another man, not a descendant of her descendants. As a result of the fight, Mahzan expelled Anis and her family in front of the guest audience. Zaleha and Anis are very embarrassed and determined not to set foot in Mahzan’s house again. Zaleha’s body which was not claimed by Mahzan made Anis angry. Mazhan did not allow Anis to see Zainuddin’s face for the last time.

Back home, Anis is deadlocked. He tried to contact Saddiq but failed. Mahzan appeared at Zainuddin’s house, expelling Anis with a belt. Anis knelt at Mahzan’s feet so that he would not be treated so cruelly because he was alone. Mahzan completely ignored Anis’ persuasion and cries. While walking back and forth to the yard, Rais saw a girl drying clothes on the hanger. Rais was startled, the girl’s vague face behind the cloth made Rais want to know the beautiful girl’s actions. Rais flicked the cloth on the hanger and saw Anis’ holy face. They were eye to eye for the first time.

Anis’ black hair that slaps his face when the wind blows makes Rais glued. He and Anis looked at each other for a moment. Until Hajah Humairah’s voice disturbed their hearing. Rais invited Hajah Humairah to go up to the house. Anis snapped, who is the good guy with his grandmother? Nomi saw Rais riding Anis on the weekend. Nomi became angry.