Bidadari Salju Episod TV3 – Adam Lee and Sweet Qismina Drama

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Drama Bidadari Salju 

Look ahead to the drama adaptation of Mia Kiff’s novel ‘Snow Angel‘ within the Akasia TV3 slot. Pairing lead actors Adam Lee and Candy Qismina. 28-episode drama collection directed by Reza Badarudin, revealed by A.Aida Manufacturing. Shall be launched in Mulai 15 December, Isnin – Jumaat, 7:00 Malam 

Bidadari Salju Episod TV3

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Tells the story of Kayra who is usually a sufferer of bullying and is at all times humiliated in school due to her unattractive face stage, her sloppy look and her poverty. Hariz, his senior pupil at all times finds clauses with him virtually each day. Hariz hated this woman a lot that he dared to throw slander that stole the woman’s dignity and shallowness till she was remoted by her personal father and the villagers. eight years later, Kayra lastly managed to rise from the autumn and achieve her life. However because of a painful previous story made him hate males, love and marriage. Hariz is at all times overshadowed by his previous sins and Kayra by no means forgets in his reminiscence. In silence, a way of affection immediately blossomed in his coronary heart. It’s certainly a mate and a gathering within the arms of God. Apparently this man who’s hated and avenged to dying is his mate.

TARIKH TAYANGAN : 15 Disember 2020
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Jummaat, 7:00 malam
SIARAN TV : Slot Akasia TV3
PENULIS SKRIP : PGRs Team, Tinta Jingga, Rofa Azzahra
PENGARAH : Reza Badarudin
PRODUKSI : A.Aida Production Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Sweet Qismina, Adam Lee, Fimie Don, Lisdawati, Lan Zailan, Silfeny Osman, Aqil Taqeeuddin, Siti Khadijah, Nazrief Nazri, Zaki Azeman, Syazuwan Hassan, Jasmine Suraya, Nizam Kama, Chacha Maembong, Jaja Iliyes, Zulkifli Ismail, Rosnah Johari,Ainaa Azhari, Puteri A’teeqah, Damia Qaissarah
Sweet Qismina sebagai Kayra
Adam Lee sebagai Hariz
Syazuwan Hassan sebagai Raqib
Fimie Don sebagai Naufal
Chacha Maembong sebagai Dania
Jaja Iliyes sebagai Anita
Nazrief Nazri sebagai Wan Hakimi
Puteri A’teeqah sebagai Athira
Damia Qaissarah sebagai Yaya
Siti Khadijah sebagai Marissa
Nizam Kama sebagai Asyraf
Zaki Azeman sebagai Aiman
Aqil Taqeeuddin sebagai Hafizan
Mimpi – Haqiem Rusli