Chandelier Episod Astro Ria

Chandelier Episod Astro Ria, Kepala Bergetar Drama Chandelier Tonton Drama HD, Melayu Drama Chandelier Gempak Terkini Episod, Chandelier myinfotaip drama, Chandelier Live Episod HD astro ria. Layan drama Chandelier Astro ria myflm4u HD Videos. Look forward to the drama adaptation of the novel ‘Chandelier’ by Acik Lana in the MegaDrama slot, Astro Ria. Starring Ben Amir, Mimi Lana and Norman Hakim. Drama directed by Michael Ang. Released from February 10, every Monday to Thursday at 10:00 pm on Astro Ria and Astro Ria HD.

Chandelier Episod Astro Ria GEMPAK

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EPISOD : 24 episod
TARIKH TAYANGAN : 10 Februari 2020
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Khamis, 10:00 malam
PENGARAH : Michael Ang
PRODUKSI : Juita Viden Sdn Bhd
SIARAN TV : Slot MegaDrama (Astro Ria & Ria HD)
PENULIS SKRIP : Rehal Nuharis, Bikash Nur Idris, Dayang Kartinah Said
Norman Hakim sebagai Dato Emran
Ben Amir sebagai Kaef
Aisar Khaled sebagai Iskandar
Alif Muhaimin sebagai Malik
Shasha Abedul sebagai Syuhada
Nadya Syahera sebagai Ajwa
Mimi Lana sebagai Keisha
Zamarul Hisham sebagai Dato Eusoff
Nynaa Harizal sebagai Khalida
Tanpa Mu – Dinie & Khai
Chandelier Episod Astro Ria


Keisha Edlina is called the gold digger because she is armed with a pan-Asian face and her perfect body she seduces rich men and extorts their property completely. Then he looked for another man who was much richer. The two-year relationship with Datuk Eusoff did not materialize, and he turned to Tan Sri Emran. Before he could reach his dreams, a horrible incident happened to Keisha Edlina. Kiesha was attacked until a defect occurred on her face. He gave up on living, but Kaef’s appearance changed his course. Her heart was captivated by the man’s sincerity even though Kaef did not have much wealth or luxury. While enjoying the happy life alongside Kaef, the trials and tribulations present forced Keisha Edlina to sacrifice. Kaef was summoned in his business and Keisha asked for help from Tan Sri Emran. Conditions forced her to leave Kaef and marry Tan Sri Emran.

Chandelier Episod Astro Ria