Cinta Sekali Lagi Episod 6 Terkini TV3 Video

Cinta Sekali Lagi Episod 6 Terkini TV3 Video, myinfotaip video hd Cinta Sekali Lagi Episod 6 . Tonton Cinta Sekali Lagi Episode 6 facebook. Kepala Bergetar Cinta Sekali Lagi Terkini Epi-6. Layan Drama Cinta Sekali Lagi Live Episod  6 Tv3.

Cinta Sekali Lagi Episod TV3 Update

Tv3 Episod Examine the life story of two sisters, Amanda (Nelydia Senrose) and Amani (Hannah Delisha). Amanda is always blamed by Amani for causing Amani to have permanent scars on her hands. Sequence from that incident, Amani always wanted more than Amanda in all things.

Amanda has just been appointed as a ‘jewelery designer’ at Anggun Jewels. He has a problem with Fahad Iman (Saharul Ridzwan), the manager there. Fahad’s mother, Ungku Nadrah (Dilla Ahmad) was pleased with Amanda’s kindness until she found out about her son’s dispute with Amanda. Amani, on the other hand, is busy marrying Ungku Mukhlis (Raja Afiq), Fahad’s cousin to fulfill his ‘Cinderella’ dream of living happily even though he is still studying.

Cinta Sekali Lagi Episod 6 Terkini TV3 Video

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