Cinta Sekali Lagi Episod TV3

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Cinta Sekali Lagi Full Episod TV3

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Sinopsis Cinta Sekali Lagi

Tv3 Episod. Examine the life story of two sisters, Amanda (Nelydia Senrose) and Amani (Hannah Delisha). Amanda is always blamed by Amani for causing Amani to have permanent scars on her hands. Sequence from that incident, Amani always wanted more than Amanda in all things.

Amanda has just been appointed as a ‘jewelery designer’ at Anggun Jewels. He has a problem with Fahad Iman (Saharul Ridzwan), the manager there. Fahad’s mother, Ungku Nadrah (Dilla Ahmad) was pleased with Amanda’s kindness until she found out about her son’s dispute with Amanda. Amani, on the other hand, is busy marrying Ungku Mukhlis (Raja Afiq), Fahad’s cousin to fulfill his ‘Cinderella’ dream of living happily even though he is still studying.

Amanda and Amani’s mother, Puan Nazira (Haleeda) imposes a condition that Amani must finish her studies first and make sure Amanda also gets married on the same day. Amani considers the condition as an obstacle. Amani is more interested in the bungalow house of the Mukhlis family and does not know how to take the heart of Mukhlis’ parents.

Fahad and Amanda’s relationship is getting worse with the incitement of Muiz (Iman Zulkarnain), their co-worker who is always jealous of Fahad. The situation became dire when Fahad was suspended. Amanda begins to realize Muiz’s evil. He worked with Taqiudin until Muiz was caught and Fahad returned to work. Since that day, Fahad and Amanda became close. Ungku Nadrah has proposed to Amanda for Fahad.

Amani dreams of a grand wedding. He was very upset when Mukhlis’ family only held a simple ceremony. Her dream of living happily as Cinderella was shattered because Mukhlis was just an ordinary man. Amanda and Amani are pregnant with their first child. Amanda is lovingly treated by Fahad while Amani and Mukhlis are often in trouble.

After seven years, Amanda and Fahad were happy with their two children and moved into a new house with Mak Wan, a wage earner at Fahad’s house. Amani was jealous when Mukhlis still kept his heart on Farhana until finally he attacked Mukhlis at Ungku Nadrah’s house. Amani divorced Mukhlis! Amani and Mukhlis disappear after divorce, leaving their children, Fizri under the care of Fahad and Amanda.

Amani returned and in silence, he seduced Fahad because he wanted to snatch Amanda’s happiness. Fahad was blinded by lust and deceived by the slander made by Amani. Will Amani’s evil be exposed? Is there still a chance for Fahad to appeal to ‘LOVE AGAIN’ from Amanda?

Drama Cinta Sekali Lagi (TV3)


Nelydia Senrose sebagai Amanda
Saharul Ridzwan sebagai Fahad
Luqman Hafidz sebagai Dr Izamel
Hannah Delisha sebagai Amani
Raja Afiq sebagai Mukhlis
Ezzaty Abdullah sebagai Farhana
Zara Shelby sebagai Danisha
Dilla Ahmad sebagai Ungku Nadrah
Iman Zulkarnain sebagai Muiz
Alessandra Alyssa sebagai Daniya
Drama Cinta Sekali Lagi (TV3)2
Drama Cinta Sekali Lagi (TV3)2
TARIKH TAYANGAN : September 2020
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Jumaat, 7:00 malam
SIARAN TV : Slot Akasia TV3
PENGARAH : Pali Yahya
PRODUKSI : Suhan Movies & Trading
PELAKON : Saharul Ridzwan, Nelydia Senrose, Hannah Delisha, Raja Afiq, Luqman Hafidz, Ezzaty Abdullah, Dilla Ahmad, Haleeda Mazlin, Iman Zulkarnain, Isaac Iman, Tengku Zara, Zara Shelby, Alessandra Alyssa
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