Cukup Derita Itu Episod Tv3 Drama Hisyam Hamid dan Ruhainies

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Cukup Derita Itu Episod Tv3 Drama 

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Cukup Derita Itu Episod Tv3 Drama Hisyam Hamid dan Ruhainies

TARIKH : 6 Mei 2021
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Khamis, 10:00 malam
SIARAN TV : Slot Samarinda TV3
PENULIS NOVEL : Siti Rosmizah
PENGARAH : Along Kamaludin
PELAKON : Hisyam Hamid, Ruhainies, Balkisyh Semundur Khan, Chacha Maembong, Jasmin Hamid, Didie Alias, Farhan Asri, Dian P Ramlee,  Sera Melissa, Mubarak Majid, Hafidzuddin Fazil, Rosnah Johari, Lia Natalia
Hisyam Hamid sebagai Zarul Zafran
Ruhainies sebagai Ellani
Chacha Maembong sebagai Ellana
Jasmin Hamid sebagai Mak Ngah Gayah
Farhan Asri sebagai Amirul
Didie Alias sebagai Mak Yek
Balkisyh Semundur Khan sebagai Lijah
Sera Melissa sebagai Ayu
Dian P Ramlee sebagai Mak Long


Tells the story of the lives of twins Ellani and Ellana who have lost both parents and were raised by aunts. Despite being raised by aunts, Ellani and Ellana were treated differently. Ellana is treated like a princess while Ellani is treated like a slave. I don’t know what the reason is for you to read this novel.

As an adult, Ellana met Zarul Zafran, a handsome man who held a position as a lecturer. Love at first sight has led them to the wedding gates. But Zarul was involved in an accident.

Zarul suddenly changes his heart to Ellani and proposes to Ellani to be his wife. Ellani doesn’t know where her brother -in -law wants to be her husband.

However, for the happiness of someone who has been considered like a mother, Ellani agrees with the terms of her marriage. Zarul Zafran eventually became her husband. Various thorns and thistles are passed.

The revenge of Makngah and her twin partner, Ellana causes Ellani’s life to be full of grief. The man who had become her husband began to change his heart and love Ellana again until he was willing to divorce her. She was divorced only via sms.

What happened to Ellani after the divorce? Can the broken relationship be reconnected? Is a ray of happiness waiting for Ellani in the end?