Degup Cinta Episod Astro Ria

Degup Cinta Episod Astro Ria, Kepala Bergetar Drama Degup Cinta Tonton Drama HD, Melayu Drama Degup Cinta Terkini Episod, Degup Cinta myinfotaip drama, Degup Cinta Live Episod HD astro ria. Stay tuned for the drama series ‘Degup Cinta’ adaptation from the Turkish drama titled Ruzgarin Kalbi. Starring Josiah Hogan, Shiqin Kamal, Juliana Evan, Mathni Razak and many more. Drama produced by Three Line Media Sdn Bhd, co-directed by Shahrulezad Mohameddin and Noorsyahida. Will be broadcast from April 27, 2020, every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm on Astro Ria HD channel 104 and Astro Ria channel 124.

Degup Cinta Episod Astro Ria

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The meeting of two sick hearts in an unexpected situation. Reza brought himself after the death of his wife, Jasmin due to an accident. When Reza returned to Malaysia, he met Zahlia who fainted in her chalet area. Zahlia was heartbroken after seeing her fiancé, Haikal with another girl
Zahlia actually had a heart attack and was hospitalized. Zahlia suspects who Reza lives in her aunt’s chalet, Ana.
Zahlia goes to her friend’s wedding with Reza as a new lover to take revenge on her ex-fiance, Haikal.
Haikal finds Zahlia again and hires people to investigate who Reza is. Zahlia and Reza continue their acting as lovers in front of Haikal.

Drama Degup Cinta (Astro Ria)

TARIKH TAYANGAN : 27 April 2020
PENULIS SKRIP : Maizura Mohd Ederis
PENGARAH : Shahrulezad Mohameddin, Noorsyahida Mohd Radzali
PRODUKSI : Threeline Media Sdn Bhd
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Khamis, 10:00 malam
SIARAN TV : Slot MegaDrama (Astro Ria 124 & Ria HD 104)
Zalif Sidek sebagai Amran
Josiah Hogan sebagai Reza
Mathni Razak sebagai Haikal
Juliana Evan sebagai Jasmin
Zaryn Min sebagai Ana
Cinta Deline sebagai Ayu
Laila Nasir sebagai Mariani
Shiqin Kamal sebagai Zahlia
Shuhanty sebagai Amira
Sahronizam sebagai Kamal (Paksu)
Hanif Safuan sebagai Firdaus
Faez Nick sebagai Chef Umar
Drama Degup Cinta (Astro Ria)