Delen Full Filem Astro Citra

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Delen Full Filem Astro Citra

Delen Full Episod Astro Citra

Saksikan telefilem ‘Delen’ arahan pertama Janna Nick akan ditayangkan pada Sabtu, 13 Februari 2021 jam 9 malam di Astro Citra dan Citra HD.

WAKTU SIARAN : Sabtu, 13 Februari 2021, 9:00 malam
IDEA ASAL : Janna Nick
PENULIS SKRIP : Farhana Fauri
SIARAN TV : Astro Citra & Citra HD
PENGARAH : Janna Nick
PRODUKSI : JN Studio & Entertainment Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Norreen Iman, Sean Lee, Janna Nick, Dini Schatzmann,
SINOPSIS Delen – kepala Bergetar

Tells the story of Delen, a teenager who tries his best to seduce Emily. But the presence of a new actor, Robert who has an attractive and handsome character has been a hindrance to Delen’s efforts. With the help of Jenny’s sister (Sherry) as Delen’s love advisor began to compete with Robert to be the best man for Emily.

Although Robert has a very handsome appearance and is the craze of many girls there Robert still feels Delen as his challenger. There are various events and competitions to prove who is the most worthy man to have Emily.