Derhaka Cinta Jebat Episod Tv1 Azlee Khairi Elvina Mohamad

Derhaka Cinta Jebat Episod Tv1 – Azlee Khairi Elvina Mohamad Drama, Derhaka Cinta Jebat Episod Tonton Drama HD. Derhaka Cinta Jebat gempak Episod dfm2u, Derhaka Cinta Jebat Ep myflm4u. Derhaka Cinta Jebat Epi sebagai Hariz and sebagai Kayra gempak episod akhir youtube links available free.

Drama Derhaka Cinta Jebat

Look forward to the Tonton dan Download Drama Melayu adaptation of the novel ‘Derhaka Cinta Jebat’ by Cik Tet which will feature Azlee Khairi and Elvina Mohamad. The 26-episode drama produced by Suhan Movies & Trading, directed by Ejump Mohd. Will be shown on RTM channel.

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SINOPSIS Derhaka Cinta Jebat
Derhaka Cinta Jebat Episod Tv1 - Azlee Khairi Elvina Mohamad Drama

It all stems from revenge, misunderstanding and coupled with a high ego, Jebat Zulkarnain is willing to oppress his own wife Aisyah Humaira. Jebat wisely arranged a plan for Aisyah to fall in love with him to the point of leading to a marriage with the intention of wanting revenge. Aisyah Humaira, once had a love affair with Jebat’s younger brother, Tuah Iskandar.

Without a motion to check his tenure, Jebat sentenced him arbitrarily without giving Aisyah a chance to explain everything. Aisyah is accused of cheating while she was in love with Tuah and was the cause of the misfortune that befell her beloved younger brother. Aisyah was really disappointed. Jebat lied about his love. He married Jebat not to be loved, loved wholeheartedly but Jebat has his own agenda. Jebat’s mission is only one, to avenge his revenge and avenge all the misery of Tuah who was allegedly betrayed by Aisyah before.

Which wife’s heart is not disappointed. The happiness that is expected but is rewarded with misery by the husband whom he loves very much wholeheartedly. Aisyah is getting worse, so she decides to leave Jebat with a wounded heart. The toy of destiny, when all the truth unfolds before the eyes, Jebat is the one who is curious. Regret is now useless, Aisyah is getting further and further away. Regret is now torturing Jebat. Is he still able to have another chance or is it too late for him to get an apology and Aisyah’s love back?

Derhaka Cinta Jebat Episod Tv1 - Azlee Khairi Elvina Mohamad Drama