Dia Bukan Bidadari Episod RTM Mona Allen and Keith Foo Drama

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Dia Bukan Bidadari Episod RTM

Kepala Bergetar Look forward to the drama adaptation of the novel ‘Dia Bukan Bidadari’ by Myra Ameera will be shown on the RTM channel. The main cast stars Mona Allen, Fadlan Hazim and Keith Foo.

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Dia Bukan Bidadari Episod RTM Mona Allen and Keith Foo Drama

PENGARAH : Idora Abdul Rahman
PRODUKSI : A10 Alliance Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Mona Allen, Keith Foo, Kartina Aziz, Aleza Shadan, Zulkifli Ismail, Fadlan Hazim, Silfeny Osman, Julia Farhana, Jasmin Hamid, Aleeza Kasim, Mustaqim Bahadon, Abil Qamaruzaman, Maymay, Rafe Sumantri , Fadilah Mansor , Dayang Areeda, Ikhwan Khairudin, Natasha Hamzah, Alex Afian, Sanjna Suri, Ummar Dzariff


“I want to marry a rich kid and happy life.”

That was his ambition since he was twelve years old. Zulaika considers the ambition a crazy dream but not for Nur Jannah Zahra. In order to pursue what he dreamed of, every order of his parents, was immediately thrown aside.

Armed with a beautiful appearance, attractive appearance and a slightly seductive style, seducing a rich man is not a difficult thing for him. But there are conditions, can meet, shop together and eat together but can not touch it. Anyone who is willing to ‘you are welcome’ but to those who are over-action he will say “good bye”.

But that was not long when Nur Jannah’s strong soul began to falter when the eyes were fixed on the owner of the name Syed Azrai Mikael Tan Sri Syed Jalal.

Unfortunately when the new seed of love is about to begin, the old scandal comes making a fuss. As a result of an unexpected event, Syed Azrai is determined to hire his best friend, Fareez Azeem as a ‘driver cum bodyguard’ for adoration. From that moment on, Nur Jannah’s life became chaotic on the deck of Fareez’s mouth which he considered a tribe.

“No class, there is a driver, but bring a Perodua Myvi!” – Nur Jannah

“Weiii! My car has not been paid yet. If the door is removed, who is responsible? I want to ask for your money too. ” – Fareez

The love story that is thought to be as beautiful as the Cinderella story is apparently not as imagined. The beautiful throne that was dreamed of was suddenly destroyed by lightning. As the truth unfolds and as the heart is wounded in despair, another man suddenly appears in his life.

“I still love you.” – Syed Azrai

“I love you, Jannah.” – Fareez Azeem

“Follow me for Nini’s sake.” – Azad Bakri
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