Drama Projek Anchor SPM Episod Astro Citra

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Projek Anchor SPM Episod Astro Citra

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Projek Anchor SPM

Nantikan drama premium Astro Originals ‘Projek Anchor SPM’ diinspirasikan daripada penipuan yang dirahsiakan di Malaysia. Akan datang mulai 15 Mac ini, setiap Isnin, 9.00 malam.

WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin, 9.00 malam
TARIKH : 15 Mac – 3 Mei 2021
PENULIS SKRIP : Anwari Ashraf
SIARAN TV : Astro Citra 108 (HD) & 128 (SD)
PRODUKSI : Alpha47 Films, Astro Shaw
PENGARAH : Razaisyam Rashid, Anwari Ashraf
PELAKON : Daiyan Trisha, Aedy Ashraf, Shasha Abedul

Tells the story of a group of form five students at Sekolah Tengku Isa Anuar (STIA) in Cameron Highlands, which is a prestigious boarding school.

Aizat, the respected captain of the rugby team, along with Hilmi, the excellent Student Leader and Chief Invigilator, as well as their friend known only as Botol, are close friends and always together in difficult and happy times.

Meanwhile, Aaidaa, STIA’s most outstanding academic student who likes to be alone, worked hard to help her step -sister, Jaja, who is less educated, to prepare for the biggest exam, SPM.

In addition, after stealing out several times from the school campus at night, Aizat was eventually arrested by Principal Awang, a very strict STIA principal.

Principal Awang, gave conditions to Aizat not to be expelled from school and to achieve an 8A result in the upcoming SPM test.

Thus, Aizat desperately tries to find a way out, and finally manages to conspire with Aaidaa, and come up with a plan to help their peers of all levels excel in SPM through a massive imitation strategy.