Kebaya Kasut Kanvas Episod TV3

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Kebaya Kasut Kanvas Episod TV3

SHOW DATE: 12 August 2020
RELEASE TIME: Wednesday-Thursday, 6:00 p.m.
TV RELEASE: TV3 (Drama At 6)
SCRIPT AUTHOR: Amin Shakib, Anina Sahal, Shida Zali
NOVEL AUTHOR: Umie Nadzimah
DIRECTOR: Pyan Screw (Emi Suffian)
PRODUCTION: Orange Tree Production
ACTORS: Nabila Razali, Rozita Che Wan, Fahrin Ahmad, Noniswara, Mona Allen, Joanna Bessey, Syafi Tee, Julia Farhana Marin, Yusof Kelana, Azrel Ismail, Zainol Macwilson, Malek Mccrone, Ash Nordin, Sean Lee, Ikmal Amry, Ismail Izzani , Haqiem Rusli, Dr. Say Shazril, Anas Ridzuan, Riena Diana, Rashidah Jaafaar, Zarynn Min, Mas Anizan, Aniq Suhair, Shahir Shaffin

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Tells the story of Suria (Nabila Razali) who works at a fashion company. He is known for his unique way of dressing who likes to wear a kebaya with canvas shoes. Suria has never had a boyfriend since college and she is a person who is so busy with her work that her mother, Ms. Pah (Rozita Che Wan) starts to worry if her daughter will not get married.

Without Suria’s knowledge, Ms. Pah had accepted the marriage proposal on her behalf. Ms. Pah also kept secret who her future husband was and even Suria was told to find out who the man was. Ms. Pah only gave one clue that Suria also knew the man.

From that day on, Suria began to observe the men around her. Who is her acquaintance who is her own future husband? At first, Suria thinks Gary (Fahrin Ahmad) who helped fix her laptop is her future husband but Gary is just cold with Suria. Suria’s focus shifts to Ameer (Malek Mccrone), a junior designer who works at the famous fashion designer boutique, Kaidan (Yusuf Hashim).

Soon, Suria is attracted to the personality of Ash (Ash Nordin), a portal writer who makes reviews for beauty products. Suria is quick to be friendly and very happy with Ash’s friendly attitude. Although they are compatible, Suria is not sure if Ash is her future husband.

Suria tries to get an answer from her mother but fails. While walking outside, Suria and Ms. Pah came across her colleague, Taj (Sean LEE). Suria began to think that Taj might be her future husband because her mother was friendly with Taj. Even so, Suria is still not sure who her future husband really is. As time went on, some men who appeared in her life later also teased her with her own charm.

Among them, Dr Zuki (Dr. Say Shazril), a handsome doctor who treated Suria when he fell ill, Daniel Hashim (Ikmal Amry) who loves gym activities, cafe operator Mikail (Ismail Izzani), Que (Haqiem Rusli) who is an architect and also Ustaz Azim (Azrel Ismail) who already has 2 wives. Who is actually Suria’s future husband?

Kebaya Kasut Kanvas Episod TV3

Kebaya Kasut Kanvas Episod TV3

Kebaya Kasut Kanvas Episod TV3


Nabila Razali as Suria
Rozita Che Wan as Che Pah
Fahrin Ahmad as Gary
Noniswara as Mrs. Marian
Mona Allen as Ratnasari
Joanna Bessey as Mrs. Kartina
Syafi Tee as Azlan
Julia Farhana Marin as Hanna
Yusof Kelana as Kaidan
Azrel Ismail as Ustaz Azim
Zainol Macwilson as Rahim
Malek Mccrone as Ameer
Ash Nordin as Ash
Sean Lee as Taj
Ikmal Amry as Daniel Hashim
Ismail Izzani as Mikail
Haqiem Rusli as Que
Dr. Say Shazril as Dr. Zuki
Anas Ridzuan as Dato Sanip
Riena Diana as Alin
Rashidah Jaafaar as Ustazah Imah
Zarynn Min as Datuk Seri Murni

Cute (Stop Lah Being So Cute) – Harith Zazman, MFMF, Loca B