Kerana Hafsanya Setia Episod Drama Tv1

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Look forward to the drama series adaptation of the novel ‘Lelaki Januari‘ by Hafizah Iszahanid on the RTM channel. Starring Azrel Ismail, Mona Ellen and Octovia Menrose. Drama 26 episodes directed by Khir Rahman and Zainorhisyam Samudin and scripted excerpts from Siti Jasmina Ibrahim.

Kerana Hafsanya Setia Episod Drama Tv1

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Kerana Hafsanya Setia Episod Drama Tv1
PENULIS NOVEL : Hafizah Iszahanid
PENULIS SKRIP : Siti Jasmina Ibrahim
PENGARAH : Khir Rahman & Zainorhisyam Samudin
PRODUKSI : Eccentro Distro & Gambo TV
PELAKON : Azrel Ismail, Mona Ellen, Abby Nadzri, Mak Wan, Octovia Menrose, Daler Yusuf, Fauziah Nawi, Ameerul Asyraf, Shazman Isaac, Atoi Tohet, Nisa Rissa, Asmidar, Hamidah Wahab,
Azrel Ismail sebagai Dr Ali Syukri
Mona Allen sebagai Delilah
Ameerul Asyraf sebagai Dr Azmi
Daler Yusuf sebagai Hud Sulaiman
Fauziah Nawi sebagai Faridah
Oktovia Manrose sebagai Wairah
Nisa Rissa sebagai Dayana
Atoi Tohet sebagai Azri
Abby Nadzri sebagai Kak Jun
Mak Wanju sebagai Mak Som
Asmidar sebagai Mona


That love sometimes signifies a meeting. be in the heart, intact in memory. but does not allow the union of two hearts.

Everything seems perfect when Delaila and Ali Syukri are united on the basis of love. But it is true that people say, getting married at a young age has many challenges. Their household ark was tested by the presence of a third person and Delaila brought herself to New York.

Twelve years later.

The meeting in New York has reopened their story. The meeting seemed to give direction to the direction of the love story of Delaila and Ali Syukri. There Delaila saw a bliss. However, times change, the world revolves. Is Ali Syukri still a similar human being?

Ask yourself, do we want to stick to the memories, or do we want to keep moving forward?