Love Elsa Episod Astro Ria Zul Ariffin and Uyaina Arshad Drama

Love Elsa Episod Astro Ria Zul Ariffin and Uyaina Arshad Drama. Drama Love Elsa Episod Tonton Drama HD. Love Elsa gempak Episod dfm2u, Love Elsa Ep-myflm4u. Love Elsa Epi sebagai Ridza Kim & sebagai Ammara gempak episod Tonton dan Download akhir youtube links available free.

Drama Love Elsa Astro Ria HD Episode

Kepala Bergetar, Tonton Drama Melayu Love Elsa Look forward to the drama adaptation of the novel ‘Love, Elsa’ by Acik Lana will be aired on the Astro Ria MegaDrama slot. Featuring the coupling of actors Zul Ariffin and Uyaina Arshad. The drama by Juita Viden is directed by Michael Ang.

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PENULIS SKRIP : Nadia Khan, Mamu Vies
SIARAN TV : Slot MegaDrama (Astro Ria)
PRODUKSI : Juita Viden Sdn Bhd
PENGARAH : Michael Ang
PELAKON : Zul Ariffin, Uyaina Arshad, Mona Allen, Riz Amin, Nasz Sally, Azhar Amir, Ramona Zamzam, Zeera Azizi, Iman Suhana, Ku Fridah, Zalfazin, Ikhram Juhari, Nik Adam Mika.
Zul Ariffin sebagai Ridza Kim
Uyaina Arshad sebagai Ammara
Iman Suhana sebagai Hamidah
Mona Allen sebagai Madam Qistina
Zeera Azizi sebagai Sofea
Nasz Sally sebagai Habsah

The story of Ammara, a girl who has the advantage of traveling to the past of the person she touches. As a result, Ammara will get sick after a touch. Due to this mysterious disease, his father placed Ammara in an area whose security was strictly controlled. Ammara depression lives alone after her mother dies and is sidelined by her own father.

The appearance of Ridza Kim who moved next to her house, changed Ammara’s life. Ammara accidentally touched Ridza Kim and saw the man’s past. Ammara used her advantage to help solve the murder case of Ridza Kim’s family and the birth of feelings of love.

Drama Love Elsa Drama Love Elsa


Allergic? Yes, in this world there are all kinds of allergies that some people have to bear. But different from Ammara. The ‘allergic’ he suffered has completely changed his life.

Say what is worse than an allergy to human touch?

For some reason, Ammara seems to be ‘forbidden’ to touch anyone in this world. Every time there is a skin-to-skin contact, he will definitely go through a very tiring ‘adventure’. And it is uncontrollable and unstoppable!

And because of the mysterious disease that has no cure, Ammara grew up as a girl who was constantly struggling in depression. What’s more, he was also sidelined by his father and family. Ammara mourns alone in this world without anyone to accompany her.

However, the emergence of Ridza Kim who also inhabits Mini London City slowly managed to change Ammara’s way of life. The man who looked perfect made his tongue speak again, even his lips were able to smile again. Believe me, this is the only friend he has.

“I myself do not know what the curse is on my hand. All I know is that it really troubles my life. I am called crazy, mentally ill, insane due to these two hands. I’m a freak, Kim. I don’t belong here! ” ~ Ammara

“You are also an ordinary human being, like I. Like other people. The only difference is, you have a privilege that other people have never had. And I bet, a lot of people are willing to do anything to get the advantage you have. ” ~ Ridza Kim

Deficiency is now an advantage as Ammara uses her ‘allergic’ to help Ridza Kim solve the murder case of the father. Who would have thought that both hands that are considered unfortunate carriers can benefit others. One by one the mysteries were successfully solved by him.

And after going through a difficult and easy time together, Ammara’s feelings towards Ridza Kim began to clear. The taste is no longer mediocre, instead it is too special. Ridza Kim’s presence was so strong that she weakly hid the love that first sowed in her heart.

But can Ammara create happiness when there is Ji Hyun by Ridza Kim? And is the man willing to accept himself when they are ‘forbidden’ to touch each other?