Marry Me Senorita Episod Astro Ria Janna Nick Dini Schatzmann

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Drama Marry Me Senorita

Look forward to the drama adaptation of the novel ‘Marry Me Senorita‘ by Suri Ryana in the MegaDrama Astro Ria slot. Find the match between Dini Schatzmann and Janna Nick. Will be aired next year 2021.

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Drama Marry Me Senorita


“Marry me, senorita.” – Isa Alejandro.

The Spanish hybrid man never stopped proposing to Sofiy Leia until the girl was tangled up and made fibers! Wouldn’t you like to accept the proposal of a man she just met less than a week ago? It’s over. The man’s religious knowledge is almost zero!

Grandpa and Nenda also find it hard to believe that their grandchildren want to choose a Muslim girl like Sofiy as their future wife.

“Another taste of him this time, brother….” – Engku Zaharah.

“Can you believe your lucky grandson wants to marry a girl like this?” – Engku Aziz.

Isa Alejandro is present when Sofiy Leia has no one and is in danger.

“Don’t you think this marriage will not be blessed? One day you will leave me, right? Because you do not love me. Marriage should be an act of worship. We must sincerely get married because of Allah. ” – Sofiy Leia.

“Blessings? Well, frankly I don’t know about that. What I know, we’ll make a good pair and this is a win-win situation. You help me and I help you. ” – Isa Alejandro.

Forced or willing? That is not the case. The question now is, can this marriage last until the end? Already they come from a world that is too far apart. The Spanish woman dipped, Rosa Arabella a.k.a Rosmina Sukardi also demanded the love of Isa Alejandro. Not to mention talking about mama and papa Isa Alejandro who like the ‘sad’ actor.

In the clutter, there is a tumult of love that is getting hotter. However, his happiness is only temporary. The storm that struck separated the two souls who were engrossed in daydreaming.

However, is it true that what is destined for us, will remain ours in the end?

“Now look here and tell your brother that Sofiy does not love you.” – Isa Alejandro.

“It is true that the timeline will not be able to eliminate that feeling.” – Sofiy Leia.

Is there still hope for their love to blossom again?

Drama Marry Me Senorita