Mencintaimu Mr Photographer Episod Astro Ria

Mencintaimu Mr Photographer Episod Astro Ria, We look forward to the dramatic adaptation of the novel Mencintaimu Mr Photographer by Faten Syamimie on the MegaDrama slot, Astro Ria. Starring Kamal Adli, Uqasha Senrose, and Uyaina Arshad. Drama produced by Sdn Bhd under the direction of Eyra Rahman Screened from 3 Julai 2017, Isnin-Khamis, 10.00 malam on Astro Ria and Ria HD & Kepala Bergetar team.

Mencintaimu Mr Photographer Episod

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Mencintaimu Mr Photographer Episod Astro Ria

EPISOD : 16 episod
TARIKH TAYANGAN : 3 Julai 2017
HARI / MASA : Isnin-Khamis, 10.00 malam
SIARAN : Mega Drama (Astro Ria 104 & HD 123)
SKRIP : Faten Syamimie
PENGARAH : Eyra Rahman
TERBITAN : MIG Productions Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Syafiq Kyle, Hannah Delisha, Marisa Yasmin, Arash Mohd, Hairie Othman, Amy Mastura, Fahmy Reza, Mimi Ernida, Ariz Lufias, Aishah Azman, Elvina Chuam, Bernard Hiew, Ikmal Amry, Vicha Saywho, Lia Natalia


Astro Ria Episod. An unexpected incident led to a meeting between Aira Qaisara and Nazmi Elyas. Aira Qaisara is an agile and spoiled girl who aspires to be a model like her mother and the son of a business figure, Tan Sri Megat Miqdad; separated from mama and abg loved because of a misunderstanding, which made mama be divorced by her father when she was a child. Aira who did not understand the meaning of the separation had instilled hatred and anger towards her mother without knowing the real reason. Nazmi Elyas or Jemy, is a professional photographer who is famous for his work in the modeling world. A man who is fierce and a bit hot-tempered but always quick to melt when with Aira. Working with all kinds of modern and beautiful women but only Aira can make her fall in love. Jemy, a child whose status as “Child” was not recognized by his own mother. The black events that his mother went through in the past have made Jemy an outcast. Because he loves Aira too much, Jemy is willing to marry Aira on the other side, because he got great opposition from Aira’s father who wanted Aira to marry the son of his best friend, Datuk Roslan. And, because of the black events, Jemy’s mother was also the cause of the unwilling separation of these two hearts. Can Jemy defend his rights? What really happened to Jemy’s mother so much that she could not accept Jemy as her son? What about Aira? Can he live without his master?

Mencintaimu Mr Photographer Episod Astro Ria

WATAK PELAKON Fahmy Reza sebagai Akmal
Arash Mohd sebagai Tan Sri Megat Miqdad
Marisa Yasmin sebagai Marlia
Hairie Othman sebagai Datuk Roslan
Amy Mastura sebagai Datin Laila
Vicha Saywho sebagai Nadia
Bernard Hiew sebagai Alan
Ikmal Amry sebagai Rahim
Carolina sebagai Tiara Muda
Syafiq Kyle sebagai Nazmi Elyas (Jemy)
Hannah Delisha sebagai Aira Qaisara

Amber Chia sebagai Kiki
Lia Natalia sebagai Mimi
Dilla Ahmad seabgai Dato Mialarasati

Mimi Ernida sebagai Tiara
Ariz Lufias sebagai Nazrul Elya
Aishah Azman sebagai Mila
Elvina Chua sebagai Emily

Penyanyi : Hael Husaini
Tajuk Lagu : Jampi