Misteri Mona Episod 2 Terkini dan Drama

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Misteri Mona Episod 2 Terkini dan Drama

Look forward to the drama series ‘Misteri Mona‘ which will be broadcast through the Samarinda TV3 slot. Featuring starring Janna Nick, Redza Rosli and Ruzana Ibrahim. Drama genre psycho thriller directed by Amor Rizan. Mystery Mona is broadcast from 10 December 2020, every Monday to Thursday, starting 10 December 2020 at 10pm on TV3.

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Tells the story of Anom (Janna Nick) a gentle woman who suffers from a chronic mental illness. Her husband, Dr Nadeem (Redza Rosli) is worried about Anom’s condition which is often hallucinating about a woman named Mona who often haunts him. Dr Nadeem has given Anom all the medicine to help him control his hallucination condition, but due to Dr Nadeem’s overly busy job, Nadeem hires Farah (Elisya Sandha) as his wife’s caretaker.

Farah is an honest and diligent girl who started taking care of Anom because she has been unemployed for a long time after graduation. At first Farah was comfortable taking care of Anom, until one day, Farah began to see Anom’s real condition when Farah fell asleep to make sure Anom took his medicine, then Anom roamed that night. Farah was severely scolded by Dr Nadeem and promised not to repeat it again.

As the situation improved, and Anom also became more diligent in taking his medicine, Anom began to state that he often heard a woman’s voice in the attic of his house, then investigated it alone. Farah was shocked when she heard Anom’s screams and rushed towards Anom. At that time, a big surprise for Farah when Anom said, “I let go of Mona ……”Who is Mona? Did Dr Nadeem know of Mona’s existence in the attic all this time? Could it be that Farah is Dr Nadeem’s next victim?