Pengantin Satu Malam Episod TV3

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SHOW DATE: 18 August 2020
RELEASE TIME: Monday-Friday, 7:00 p.m.
SCRIPT AUTHOR: Wan Mahani Binti Wan Hassan
DIRECTOR: Eoon Shuhaini
PRODUCTION: A10 Alliance Sdn Bhd
ACTORS: Nazim Othman, Amelia Henderson, Fizo Omar, Afifah Nasir, Mustapha Kamal, Susan Manen, Edika Yusof, Sanjna Suri, Sharifah Shahora, Norish Karman, Farisha Irwayu

Pengantin Satu Malam Episod TV3

Pengantin Satu Malam Episod TV3


Tells the story of Zulaikha (Amelia Henderson) who is trapped between saving her mother’s life or her dignity. Allegations came to Zulaikha’s life when she had to quit her job because of her employer’s indecent behavior. Her boyfriend Adli chose to break off the relationship with his mother who was ill and needed high treatment costs. Meanwhile, Zahred (Nazim Othman) hates women when his love is betrayed.

Zahred is disappointed to find out that his girlfriend Balqis cheated when he was in Japan by being his father’s second wife. Zahred also hates his father because his father has betrayed himself by kidnapping his lover. Since then Zahred has distanced himself and does not want to talk to his father anymore. Dato Haris (Edika Yusof) Zahred’s father is a big playboy and always looking for beautiful women.

Zahred’s mother, Datin Roziah (Norish Karman) was only able to feed her heart with her husband’s attitude. Zulaikha started a new job at a company owned by Zahred (Nazim Othman) and his friend Rasul (Fizo Omar).

Zulaika’s presence has reminded Zahred of his ex-girlfriend, Balqis. Since being disappointed by past love, Zahred who hates women, often finds fault and bullies Zulaikha at work.

But the Apostle always cared and treated Zulaikha well. One day, Zulaikha who desperately needed money to save her mother’s life, tried to get a RM100 thousand loan from Zahred. In fact, Zulaikha is willing to mortgage the house in order to get a loan from the company.

However, Zahred rejected the collateral, instead what he wanted was for Zulaikha to be his ‘one night’ wife. Does Zulaikha agree? What will Zulaikh choose between motherhood and self-esteem?

Episode 1 – Zahred, the son of Dato Haris and Datin Roziah who had to postpone his engagement with Balqis and left for Japan for three months because Balqis’ father asked for RM30,000 to pay off his debt. This story also tells the story of Zulaikha who is in a dilemma after being proposed to by her lover Adli. He is worried that he will have to follow Adli abroad after getting married. Zulaikha’s boss, Haji Ramli, on the other hand, likes Zulaikha and is willing to do anything to get blessings from Zulaikha’s family. The episode ends when Zahred finds out that Balqis is having an affair with his father.

Episode 2 – Zahred is disappointed after returning from Japan and finds out about his father’s marriage to Balqis, then suffers from depression. Balqis then fled from her husband and her marriage. Zulaikha escaped being raped by her boss. When Adli found out, he attacked Haji Ramli and Haji Ramli revealed the truth about Adli and Zulaikha’s relationship.

Episode 3 – Adli ends his relationship with Zulaikha and he works as an engineer at Zahred’s company, which he co-owns with Rasul. Zulaikha needed the job because her sick mother needed medical treatment amounting to RM60,000. Zahred is now increasingly attracted to Zulaikha.

Episode 4 – Zulaikha’s mother’s condition worsens. Meanwhile in the office, Zahred tried to find Zulaiha’s fault but Rasul continued to defend her. The episode culminates when Zahred sees his father seducing Zulaikha.

Episode 5 – Zahred’s relationship with his father becomes murky when he finds out that his father, once again tries to win Zulaikha’s heart. Zulaikha’s mother was rushed to the hospital due to her worsening illness. This episode ends with Zahred’s mother, Datin Roziah who tries to find Zahred with Tengku Rihana.

Episode 6 – Even though Zulaikha regrets that her hard work is not appreciated and considered bad in Zahred’s eyes, she still continues. Upon returning from a work trip in Chiang Mai, his family asked him not to return home because ah long was committing violence on their lives. He reluctantly decided to borrow RM120,000 from Zahred to settle his family debt. Zahred took this opportunity to make an agreement by getting married and spending one night together.

Episode 7 – Zulaikha agrees to the offer but Zahred is increasingly worried about what happened to his father in the past. Apart from the situation with Zulaikha and Zahred, Haji Ramli (former Zulaikha boss) also helped Zakaria to help settle the outstanding debt amounting to RM70,000 in the hope that he will be accepted as a son-in-law.

Episode 8 – After many threats, Zahred refuses to divorce Zulaikha and the marriage is kept secret. Zahred begins to miss his wife and regrets his past actions and decides to tell his father not to contact Zulaikha again.

Episode 9 – In this episode, Zulaikha is stuck between wanting to save her mother and protect her own dignity. Things get worse when he decides to quit his job because of his boss’s unacceptable attitude. What will he do next?

Zahred Hadri who hates women and Zulaikha Nasreen who is desperate.

Zahred laughed cynically.
“Reject? How much? A thousand a month? Then up to a hundred months. A hundred months just finished? How long is that? Eight years three months. Are you sure you will continue to work here during that time? ” Zahred’s cynical voice asked.

Zulaikha who was still standing trembled a little. He must be strong. He has to try to get it. This is the only path he has.

“I promise you, or you can deduct fifty percent of my salary every month. I will try to settle it as soon as possible. ” He still expects Zahred to agree. This is the only road he has and he is running out of time.
Zahred was silent for a moment.

Zulaikha’s face lingered for a long time. Zulaikha is completely wrong.
“I’m sorry sir, but I really want to make a loan from the company. If you want me to mortgage my house to the company, you can too. ” Zulaikha still hopes that in Zahred’s heart there is a little compassion for him.

“I do not want your house.”
“I have nothing more to pledge in lieu of my loan. The land in the village is not entirely my father’s name. I beg you, sir. Let me make a loan from the company. ”

He really hoped for Zahred’s kindness.
“A night with me… And a hundred thousand will be yours.”

Satulam who changed everything…
Between the mother’s life and self-esteem…


Pengantin Satu Malam Episod TV3

Pengantin Satu Malam Episod TV3

Pengantin Satu Malam Episod TV3

Nazim Othman as Zahred Hadri
Amelia Henderson as Zulaikha Nasreen
Fizo Omar as Rasul Fadlan
Afifah Nasir as Princess Rihana
Edika Yusof as Dato Haris
Norish Karman as Datin Roziah
Mustapha Kamal as Zakaria
Susan Manen as Asiah
Sharifah Shahora as Datin Asyikin
Farisha Irwayu as Datin Sri Hartina