Penunggang Agama Full Episod Filem Zul Ariffin Astro First

Penunggang Agama Full Episod Filem Zul Ariffin Astro First. Kbergetar Penunggang Agama (Astro First) Myinfotaip. Astro Gempak Penunggang Agama. Info Dan Sinopsis Drama Penunggang Agama. Tonton Telefilem Penunggang Agama Di Astro First on

Penunggang Agama Full Episod Filem Zul Ariffin Astro First

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Nantikan filem ‘Penunggang Agama’, sebuah filem seram thriller arahan Syafiq Yusof. Akan ditayangkan mulai 25 Mac ini di Astro First, saluran 480 atau strim di Astro Go atau On Demand.
SIARAN TV :  Astro First 480.
PENGARAH : Syafiq Yusof
PRODUKSI : Skop Productions
PELAKON : Zul Ariffin, Azira Shafinaz, Nasir Bilal Khan, Salina Saibi, Jalaludin Hassan, Sabrina Ali, Johan Arrif, Putri Qaseh, Azzahra Ahmad
Zul Ariffin sebagai Amir
Nasir Bilal Khan sebagai Tok Haji
Azira Shafinaz sebagai Anna
Puteri Nurqaseh sebagai Sarah
Datuk Jalaludin Hassan sebagai Dato Hafsham
Sabrina Ali sebagai Datin Maria
Salina Saibi sebagai Puan Huda
Johan As’ari sebagai Hafiz


Telling the story of Amir and Anna, the husband and wife face a bitter challenge because Amir’s stepmother, Datin Maria has suffered from ‘subtle being disorder’.

Dato Hafsyam, Amir’s father, decided to seek the services of a ‘ruqyah expert’ named Tok Haji. However, Amir and Anna did not trust Tok Haji and advised Dato Hafsyam to stop using Tok Haji’s services. Anna felt that Tok Haji was actually a shaman wearing an Islamic mask, while Dato Hafsyam felt that his wife was being visited by his own family members.

The puzzle begins in a storytelling plot to find out who the real religious rider is. At the same time, Amir’s wife and little daughter are harassed by subtle beings to the point of possession. Can Amir save his family from this test? Who is the mastermind behind this mess?