Pink Smile Episod 1 (2020) TV3 Drama HD

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The love story of Luna (Sweet Qismina), a cheerful girl with a charming smile. His smile became more charming with the pink braces that captivated Areeq (Fattah Amin), a cartoonist who is also the owner of Duncan Cafe.

Luna is a shy person but has high fantasies. Her dreams seem to be getting closer to reality since meeting Areeq. Almost every day Luna talks to her sister, Myra about the beauty of her dream man, Areeq. At the same time Areeq is already attracted to Luna because of Luna’s precious smile. But, Areeq is worried about Luna’s health because Luna often faints when she meets him.

Pink Smile Episod 1 (2020) TV3 Drama HD

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