Pink Smile Episod TV3

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Tonton Pink Smile Episod TV3 – Status Drama Completed

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The love story of Luna (Sweet Qismina), a cheerful girl with a charming smile. His smile became more charming with the pink braces that captivated Areeq (Fattah Amin), a cartoonist who is also the owner of Duncan Cafe.

Luna is a shy person but has high fantasies. Her dreams seem to be getting closer to reality since meeting Areeq. Almost every day Luna talks to her sister, Myra about the beauty of her dream man, Areeq. At the same time Areeq is already attracted to Luna because of Luna’s precious smile. But, Areeq is worried about Luna’s health because Luna often faints when she meets him.

So Areeq starts researching Luna’s health and at the same time, gets to know Luna better. Areeq has also created a menu called ‘Pink Smile’, inspired by Luna’s pink toothbrush. However, the appearance of a new employee at Areeq cafe, Melati makes Areeq cafe a little chaotic. Jasmine also has a high imagination, the only difference between Jasmine and Luna is, Jasmine is willing to do anything to make her dream a reality.

Can Luna win Areeq’s heart completely? Is it true Luna has a serious illness?

Pink Smile Episod TV3

EPISODE: 20 episodes
SHOW DATE: 31 July 2020
RELEASE TIME: Wednesday-Friday, 9:00 p.m.
TV RELEASE: TV3 Lestary Slot
NOVEL AUTHOR: Luna Adresia
DIRECTOR: Ayie Mustafa
PRODUCTION: Creative Skill Solution Sdn Bhd
ACTORS: Fattah Amin, Sweet Qismina, Izzat Mushtaq, Intan Najuwa, Afifah Nasir, Hafizuddin Fazil, Syafi Tee, Natasya Mahyan, Esma Daniel, Noniswara, Iswan Ismail, Farhan Asri


Tells the story of Luna who always stopped at Duncan Coffee House because she was interested in Kaz, the shop owner.

Luna – The hardcore lover but can only see from afar every time he goes to Duncan CoffeeHouse. Kaz is a frozen aura that can melt it in five seconds. Every time he was close to Kaz, Luna panicked. Fainting did not realize the world when the ‘world’ of his dreams was close to him.

Kaz – Luna’s presence is the inspiration for Duncan CoffeeHouse’s latest menu. Luna, cute girl with pink braces! Unconsciously, the trigger of inspiration also triggers an extraordinary phenomenon in the heart. But why is Luna trying to play tug of war?

Akif – Standing in the name of a friend, but never for Luna because he often denies strange feelings since high school he often disappears. After identifying the existing taste, he decided to go back to get Luna. And destiny takes her to Duncan CoffeeHouse, where Luna often comes to visit love.

Can Akif recapture his long-abandoned love? What about Luna’s decision? Who is Luna’s choice? Is it the story of yesterday or the love of his dreams? Duncan CoffeeHouse reunited them all, unraveling all the issues that plagued the three of them.

Pink Smile Episod TV3

Pink Smile Episod TV3

Pink Smile Episod TV3


Fattah Amin as Areeq (Kazreeq)
Sweet Qismina as Luna
Intan Najuwa as Rysa
Izzat Mushtaq as Faiz (Ari)
Syafi Tee as Iman (Akif)
Afifah Nasir as Jasmine
Natasya Mahyan as Myra
Esma Daniel as Mr. Irsyad
Noniswara as Mrs. Aminah
Iswan Ismail as Syairy
Farhan Asri as Epol