Rahimah Tanpa Rahim Episod Drama Tv3

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Rahimah Tanpa Rahim Episod Drama Tv3Rahimah Tanpa Rahim Episod Drama Tv3
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Jummat, 7:00 malam
SIARAN TV : Slot Akasia TV3
PENULIS SKRIP : Puovin & Tommy Loh
PENGARAH : Eoon Shuhaini
PRODUKSI : Country & Universal Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Azlee Khairi, Puteri Aishah, Hafidz Roshdi, Ezzaty Abdullah, Liza Abdullah, Amelina, Mustaqim Bahadon, Sera Melissa, Anne Abdullah, Diana Dee, Badrul Muhayat, Farhan Asri, Azri Iskandar, Che Kem, Kween Keela, Lana Nodin, Zalfa Zin
Hafidz Roshdi sebagai Adli
Ezzaty Abdullah sebagai Nurul
Liza Abdullah sebagai Mak Ani
Anne Abdullah sebagai Puan Faridah
Diana Dee sebagai Shidah
Azri Iskandar sebagai Tuan Rosdi
Che Kem sebagai Tuan Firdaus
Sera Melissa sebagai Rozana
Badrul Muhayat sebagai Pak Akob
Farhan Asri sebagai Idin
Azlee Khairi sebagai Jauhar
Puteri Aishah sebagai Rahimah
Amelina sebagai Puan Sakinah
Mustaqim Bahadon sebagai Ramzi
Rahimah Tanpa Rahim Episod Drama Tv3 Astroria.su

Tells the story of Rahimah (Princess Aishah) who suffers from MRKH syndrome. Rahimah is a loving and kind person to everyone around her. Although her daily life is always ridiculed by her stepmother, Mak Aini (Lizza Abdullah), Rahimah still tries to adapt in her village by helping her neighbors.

At the same time, Rahimah’s father, Pak Akob (Badrul Muhayat) often looks friendly with his daughter’s best friend, Shida (Diana Dee DFKL). This act can be sniffed by Rahimah, but every time Rahimah tries to tell Mak Aini, Mak Aini will scold her for not believing Rahimah’s words. Rahimah later met Jauhar (Azlee Khairi), the founder of the troubled youth NGO. There is something about Rahimah’s sincerity and naivety that attracts Jauhar to try to help her. However, because the problem involved her family, Rahimah was afraid of the family’s dignity being pawned and was increasingly trying to distance herself from Jauhar.

To make matters worse, Mak Aini did not like Rahimah in relation to Jauhar because she did not want her family name to be tarnished by the accusations and slander of the villagers. As a person who is very firm in maintaining the good name and dignity of his family, Mak Aini is quite restrained when the villagers talk badly about his family. However, Mak Aini’s anger peaked when there was a tragedy involving Pak Akob and starting from that incident, Mak Aini took action to evict Rahimah from home forever.

What has Rahimah got to do with Pak Akob’s case? Can this imperfect woman survive in her life? And is Mak Aini able to defend the good name of her family?