Ryan Aralyn Episod TV3 Drama

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Ryan Aralyn Episod TV3 Drama

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TARIKH TAYANGAN : 25 September 2020
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Jumaat, 7:00 malam
SIARAN TV : Slot Akasia TV3
PENULIS SKRIP : Panel Skrip Qaisworks Sdn Bhd
PENGARAH : Riza Baharudin
PRODUKSI : Qaisworks Production Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Zul Ariffin, Raysha Rizrose, Fify Azmi, Shah Iskandar, Sharifah Husna, Kodi Rasheed, Raja Azura, Arash Mohd, Aishah Atan , Ummar Dzariff, Nabil Aqil, Bazly Hanif, Maria Wati, Nabil Aqil, Rizal Yum, Numan Mohd Salleh, Rashimah Bee, Hashim Osman, Umakhaiie

Ryan Aralyn Episod TV3 Drama


Tells the story of Ryan taking responsibility for caring for his ailing grandmother and also his son Amir. Ryan earnestly seeks sustenance to support their family life. His wife, Hanis, never carried out her responsibilities as a wife and always went out at night to entertain.

Aralyn was raised in a well-to-do family and planned to marry Zarul. Mrs. Nora was not happy with Zarul’s attitude and asked Aralyn to know Zarul’s kind heart first.

One day, Aralyn and Ryan collide in a road accident that has caused Ryan to lose his son and Aralyn to become paralyzed. After the incident, Ryan’s life continued to be tested when Hanis asked for a divorce and his grandmother died.

Ryan is still haunted by guilt over Aralyn because the accident Aralyn was paralyzed. Ryan went to Kuala Lumpur looking for Aralyn to apologize but he was not strong enough to deal with Aralyn who was depressed with her inability to walk. Zarul, on the other hand, could not accept Aralyn’s condition and continued to sever their relationship.

Unexpectedly, his presence at the big house sent the goods sent by Kak Ruby turned to him to be interviewed to be Aralyn’s ‘personal assistant’.

Drama Ryan Aralyn (TV3)

Shah Iskandar sebagai Zarul
Kodi Rasheed sebagai Allif
Raja Azura sebagai Kak Ruby
Arash Mohd sebagai Malek
Bazly Hanif sebagai Shakir
Aishah Atan sebagai Nora
Sharifah Husna sebagai Doweena
Zul Ariffin sebagai Ryan
Rizal Yum sebagai Tokey
Numan Mohd Salleh sebagai Abang Noh
Rashimah Bee seabgai Mak Zarul
Hashim Osman sebagai Ayah Zarul
Umakhairie seabgai Umar
Raysha Rizrose sebagai Aralyn
Fify Azmi sebagai Hanis
Ummar Dzariff sebagai Amir
Maria Wati sebagai Nenek Salmah
Nabil Aqil sebagai Remy
Ezad Lazim  – Leka
Andi Bernadee – Penat
Caliph Buskers – Manusia
Danial – Kutak Rela
Aepul Roza & Sarah Suhairi – Entah Apa