Sang Pewaris Episod TV3 Amyra Rosli and Ben Amir Drama

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Look forward to the drama adaptation of Fizziany’s novel ‘Sang Pewaris’ in the Lestary TV3 slot. Finding the pairing of Ben Amir and Amyra Rosli. Drama directed by Eyra Rahman, published by Global Station Sdn Bhd. Broadcast starting November 26, 2020, every Wednesday to Friday at 9 pm on TV3. The Heir can also watch all episodes for free on or via the WeTV app.

Sang Pewaris  Episod TV3 Drama Amyra Rosli and Ben Amir

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Drama Sang Pewaris (TV3)


Ali, a young village youth used to live with his adoptive parents, Pak Samad and Mak Bedah. He often had strange dreams from his youth until now and still did not understand why it always came to him. Ali is often visited by the same girl in his dreams.

Ali was told by Haji Mahfuz that he was the heir to the wealth of Tunku Ahmad and Tunku Kamariah and was asked to return. Even more shocking to know he has twins.

Ali plans to disguise himself as a gardener to get to know his family better. There, Ali falls in love with Zara, his family’s adopted child. But Ali had to accept that the girl was his twin fiancé.

In just one day, Ali was shocked by some facts about himself;

1) He is not Ali bin Ahmad, but apparently Tunku Ali Khairudin ibni Tunku Ahmad!
2) The second fact, he has a twin brother!
3) The third fact, he thought he was just a foster child, but apparently he was kidnapped!
4) The biological family is looking for and waiting for his return for the survival of the family heritage.

Afraid of the sudden statement in front of his eyes, Ali refused to go home despite being persuaded. But, a piece of picture has eroded his stance. He finally came home too.

As the ceremony to celebrate his return was arranged, Ali changed his mind. He disappeared. Ali changed his appearance and disguised himself as a gardener and then infiltrated into the house of his biological family. There, he began to recognize some names.

Tuan Haji Mahmud: The royal family manager who is too loyal to be suspicious.

Tunku Kamariah: The Grandmother who likes to be alone. His attitude is sometimes like a madman.

Tunku Ameer: ​​A mysterious man whose character is difficult to interpret.

Doctor Mahfuz: The family’s personal doctor who cares even though his smile is cold.

Che Som and Pak Kadir: The cooks and official guides of the family who have all the stories about the family in their pockets.

Zara Aireena: Sweet. Gentle. Jelita. Stylish. Oops, that’s external only! But apparently he can withstand madness. Otherwise, he would not chase Ali with a machete just to anger Ali cut off his favorite flower tree.

Conflicts arise one by one. The old mystery unfolds slowly. The old wound bleeds again. However, there is no wound that can match the wound in Ali’s heart when he has to admit that his heart began to love Zara Aireena, but the girl is his twin brother’s fiancé!

Drama Sang Pewaris (TV3)

Ben Amir sebagai Megat Amer / Megat Dali / Kudin
Amyra Rosli sebagai Zara Aireena
Zaefrul Nordin sebagai Tan Sri Megat Khairuddin
Fizz Fairuz sebagai Dr. Mahfuz
Zarynn Min sebagai Puan Sri Kamariah
Zamarul Hisham sebagai Mahmud
Sheila Mambo sebagai Mak Bedah
Harun Hashim sebagai Pak Samad
Wan Sharmila sebagai Malina
Ieda Moin sebagai Chesom
Bidin Alzaifah sebagai Mat Bunga
Mimi Ernida sebagai Zizi
Fad Anuar sebagai Jamal
Acong Sweetchild sebagai Pak Kadir
SIARAN TV : Slot Lestary TV3
PENGARAH : Eyra Rahman
PRODUKSI : Global Station Sdn Bhd
TARIKH TAYANGAN : 26 November 2020
WAKTU SIARAN : Rabu-Jumaat, 9:00 malam
PENULIS SKRIP : Eenaz Mokhtar, Farah Alya Asari