Sepahtu Reunion Live 2020 Astro Warna Episod

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For a long time, he took on the character of an antagonist, today Rahim became shy and even became angry at his behavior. Alahai Ezzaty, looks lazy and really wants to be friends with Rahim naw! Let’s serve now!

Sepahtu Reunion Live 2020 Astro Warna Episod

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Kuala Lumpur: For the first time, the comedy program Sepahtu Reunion Live 2020 which is broadcast live from the Shah Alam Theater without the cheers and laughter of the audience.

However, the program, which started airing last Thursday, remains with the mission of entertaining the audience, and even making the ‘new norm’ a fuel for the spirit.

According to Astro Warna Channel Manager, Norzeha Mohd Salleh, the production of the Sepahtu Reunion Live program for this year is one of the initiatives to entertain Astro Warna viewers and fans of the Sepahtu group who of course miss the ‘attraction line’ from Shuib, Rahim, Jep and Pak Ya.

“With this interesting and entertaining filling, we are very lucky because we are still given the opportunity to produce our artwork despite the COVID-19 pandemic challenge.

“Although the fuel for the comedians and production crew is the laughter and reaction of the audience, I am very impressed with the commitment given by all involved. They are both working hard to make this program a success that we produce every year, ”he said.

A member of the Sepahtu group, the owner of the name Shahmira Muhamad or better known as Shuib said he was initially a bit worried when he was told the production would run without an audience, but was excited to return to action on stage.

“During the 5 years of Sepahtu Reunion broadcasting, this is the first time there are no spectators with us. I’m happy to be back. Sepahtu Reunion is the platform I am most interested in and this program is a source of pride for myself.

“Alhamdulillah, when I return, I am very grateful even in the new norm. Although the live broadcast will run during the Conditional Movement Control Order (PKPB), we do not compromise in terms of the quality of work and the preparations made. We know a lot of people will watch on television. So, we will all give the best for our fans. ” Shuib said again

Sepahtu Reunion Live 2020 Astro Warna Episod

Sepahtu Reunion Live

Sepahtu is a comedian group consisting of Jep Sepahtu and Shuib Sepahtu in 2011 after resigning from Kumpulan Sepah.

Jep and Shuib joined Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013 after Rahim R2 was brought into this group for the special project MLM2013 and they were crowned champions.

In 2014, Sepahtu brought Illya Buang, a former member of the Scenario Group, into this group. However Illya has withdrawn in the fifth week due to health problems. Sepahtu became the runner-up in this edition.

In 2015 Sepahtu held a tour of Sepahtu in the middle of the year. Sepahtu has produced a sitcom titled Sepahtu Reunion starring Jep, Shuib, Ilya, Rahim and Mamat Sepah.

On November 30 2015, Jep, Shuib & Rahim became Sinar FM radio presenters in the Sepahtu Sinar slot. Then Shuib resigned from Sinar FM to focus on business and acting.

Nowadays, the Sepahtu brand is synonymous with the national art industry, especially in the comedy, sitcom and comedy arenas in the country.

Sepahtu Reunion which features its four members, Jep, Shuib, Rahim and Pak Ya seems to have its own magic when it manages to make the audience stick to the TV screen every Friday in their Sepahtu Reunion LIVE show. The four of them set an example and role model to the new comedian comedians who are clean from all unhealthy controversies, have good friendships and role models as celebpreneur.

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Watch Sepahtu Reunion Live 2020 every Thursday, 9pm live on Astro Warna (127) and Warna HD (107).