Syurga Untukmu Episod TV3

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EPISODE: 15 episodes
SHOW DATE: 14 July 2020
RELEASE TIME: Monday-Thursday, 10:00 pm
TV RELEASE: Slot Samarinda TV3
SCRIPT AUTHOR: Syed Taufik Al Attas, Lynnda Sharudin
DIRECTOR: Ayie Mustafa
PRODUCTION: Sha’s Media Sdn Bhd
ACTORS: Diana Danielle, Fahrin Ahmad, Yuna Rahim, Ameerul Asyraf, Julia Farhana Marin, Noralbaniah, Fazlina Ahmad Daud, Sefik, Fiza Thomas, Azza Elite, Rahhim Omar, Ummar Dzariff

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It revolves around the turmoil of the life of Atiqah (Diana Danielle), a girl from Kampung Indah who has a firm stance. Atiqah has a high degree but chose to only work in the village because she wants to take care of her family, especially after her mother is not able to walk perfectly.

Atiqah’s life began to change when Adi (Fahrin Ahmad) appeared in her village and wanted to buy her inheritance land to be developed. Atiqah’s refusal to let go of her inheritance, forcing Adi to use a softer and smoother method.

However, Adi’s gentle method of making friends with Atiqah has become the talk of the villagers, making Jamaliah angry. In order to save Atiqah, Adi married Atiqah who at that time each already had feelings for each other.

After their marriage, Adi suddenly disappeared and let Atiqah give birth to her first child, Aiman ​​without knowing who her father was.

If it is true that Adi loves Atiqah, why did Adi disappear? How was Atiqah’s life after her marriage? What is the marital status of Adi and Atiqah after that?

Syurga Untukmu Episod TV3

Episode 1 – Radin Holding Company is owned by Herman and his wife Mulyani. Adi, their son was instructed to get land owned by the residents of Kampung Indah for the company’s development project. Only the land owned by the Jamiliah family has not been agreed upon by the transfer. Jamaliah is paralyzed. Atiqah, Jamaliah’s daughter, works as a kindergarten teacher. He did not agree to give permission because the late Haji Ismail (his father) bequeathed it before he died. However, his brother Intan has taken a deposit to sell the land from a land broker, he no longer wants to live in trouble. Atiqah asked Intan to return the money, this caused a fight between them. Pak Din, the village chief persuaded Atiqah to agree with the proposal, but Atiqah insisted. At the same time Hakimi, the son of Pak Din, was interested in Atiqah. While Intan likes it

Episode 2 – Atikah angers Adi, Radin Holding Company causing trouble to the villagers and forcing them to sell their land. Atikah did not agree to sell the land because this was the message of her late father. In KL, Adi has a good friend named Lestari since school days. Mulyani (Adi’s mother) is a good friend of Hamidah (Lestari’s mother) who plans to marry Adi to Lestari. However, Adi refused. Meanwhile, Pak Din met with Jamaliah to propose to Atiqah to be Hakimi’s wife. Intan who heard him was jealous, he had to act immediately, then told Adi. At the end of the episode, a group of brokers stormed into Jamaliah’s house forcing the woman to sign a document selling her land to their company.

Syurga Untukmu Episod TV3

Episode 3 – Hakimi has conspired with Eizlan, a real estate broker. Eizlan wants to get a position as CEO in Radin Holding company owned by Adi’s father. Adi is still keeping secret the son of the owner of Radin Holding company. Adi plans for Atiqah’s house to be used as a CSR center. Adi became closer to Atiqah, while Hakimi began to be jealous of their relationship. A tumultuous village talks about Atiqah’s relationship with Adi.

Episode 4 – Atiqah and Adi finally get married in order to protect the dignity of Jamaliah’s family. Adi only informed his family by phone. Hakimi was disappointed with Atiqah’s decision. Adi and Atiqah went on their honeymoon, when they returned they found that Intan’s rude attitude towards his mother was getting worse. Adi had to return to KL alone, he promised to bring Atiqah to live together in KL, Adi’s parents were shocked by the marriage, Mulyani planned to separate his son, he was more willing Lestari to be his son-in-law. Lestari is still good friends with Eizlan, one day Eizlan took the opportunity to put drugs in Lestari drinks while going out together. Lestari lost consciousness and was raped by Eizlan. Mulyani and Emran decided on a development project in Kg. Beautifully canceled. At the end of the episode, while Adi was on his way to Kampung Indah to pick up Atiqah, he was beaten by a group of criminals until he was injured.

Syurga Untukmu Episod TV3

Episode 5 – Adi is admitted to hospital for treatment after being injured while on his way to take his wife Atiqah to Kuala Lumpur. Adi suffers from Retrograde Amnesia which causes memory loss. Pn Mulyani warned Wan to keep the matter a secret. This is the best opportunity for Lestari to marry Adi. Atiqah was later confirmed pregnant. Atiqah has no knowledge of the location of Adi’s residence. A month later, Adi’s marriage to Lestari was done by his family. A few months later Atiqah gave birth to a son named Aiman. 5 years later, Lestari opened a Spa, an opportunity for Lestari to stay in touch with Eizlan. Atiqah works with a foundation under Pn Mulyani’s company.

Episode 6 – Atiqah feels strange because Adi does not know her at all. Even Adi is like a stranger. Atiqah who works at the Radin Holding Company Foundation as the supervisor of the activity center and teaches dance. They met Mrs. Mulyani who happened to be together, she started teasing Atiqah and Aiman. Adi’s marital relationship with Lestari is getting colder because he has no children, this makes Lestari determined to have a spa gifted by Eizlan. Intan began to get acquainted with Nizam, his rude attitude was even worse when he treated his mother. The Foundation’s cultural team moved back under Atiqah. Atiqah is determined to get to know Adi’s family more closely. Looking back, after Atiqah’s taboo to move to work in the city with the help of her friend she Maimun got a job at the Foundation. Meanwhile, Lestari still failed to have children through IVF and still continued the affair with Eizlan.

Episode 7 – Mulyani’s relationship with Aiman ​​is getting closer. He loves Aiman ​​even more without knowing it is his own grandson. Atikah knew Adi was a victim of her mother’s condition, so she lost her memory and Atikah tried to restore Adi’s memory. Lestari and Adi’s household is falling apart because there are still no Zuriat. While Irfan is getting rude to his mother, he has a new lover named Nizam.


Diana Danielle as Atiqah
Fahrin Ahmad as Adi
Julia Farhana Marin as Sustainable
Yuna Rahim as Intan
Ameerul Asyraf as Hakimi
Noralbaniah as Jamaliah
Fazlina Ahmad Daud as Mulyani
Rahhim Omar as Herman
Dato Fizz Fairuz as Eizlan
Wan Nor Azlin as Hamidah
Sefik Khair as Nizam
Fiza Thomas as Jasmin
Azza Elite as Kak Sherry
Fatin Nr Azzreen as Hanim

Ummar Dzariff as Aiman

Ernie Zakri & Syamel – Takkan Terlerai
Ernie Zakri – Gundah
Dinie & Khai – Without You