Tak Sempurna Mencintaimu Episod Drama TV3

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Tak Sempurna Mencintaimu TV3 Episod

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Tak Sempurna Mencintaimu

SIARAN TV : Slot Akasia TV3
TARIKH TAYANGAN : November/Disember 2020
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Jumaat, 7:00 malam
PENULIS SKRIP : Eja Lorena, Marr Mohamad, Lynnda Sharuddin
PENGARAH : Emi Suffian
PRODUKSI : Zeel Production Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Nafiez Zaidi, Aniq Suhair,  Rita Nadira, Fendy Bakry, Lydia Saimon, Ali Reza, Wan Maimunah, Azza Elite, Redza Rosli, Intan Najuwa,Shah Khan, Scha Elinnea, Naim Shamshol
Rita Nadira sebagai Melissa
Nafiez Zaidi sebagai Fiqri
Redza Rosli sebagai Mustaqim
Intan Najuwa sebagai Siratul
Fendy Bakry sebagai Epul
Scha Elinnea sebagai Mawardah
Naim Shamshol sebagai Rudy
Aniq Suhair sebagai Safwan
Azza Elite sebagai Kak Siti
Ali Reza sebagai Kyle
Shah Khan sebagai Kuca


The meeting between the dim eyes and the sunken eyes was not beautiful. It’s painful. Even the dim eyes want to forget everything and do not want to owe anything. On the other hand, on the owner of the sunken eyes. As long as the girl named Siratul has not settled his debt, he will not leave the girl alone. Yes, say he is cruel. In fact, the world is cruel! He was also a victim.

“You’re teasing me again, right?” -MUSTAQIM
“No … if it’s really torn, I want to help sew” -SIRATUL

Siratul’s face, eye lyrics and words sounded so annoying to Mustaqim. But for some reason … The irritated is what he wants to see, who wants him to see and wants him to hear.

“I made you crazy near me. Only you know …” -MUSTAQIM
“It’s basically crazy people!” -SIRATUL

Until one day, when Siratul began to open his heart … The man lied to him. He was angry because of the love that began to germinate.

“You bought my sister with money and you don’t remember, you can buy me with your money!” -SIRATUL
“It is not my intention to hurt you, Siratul …” -MUSTAQIM

Mustaqim is confused. No … She’s planning something really beautiful. Being driven away, he passed away with the love that existed for the first time in his heart.

Finally, Siratul understood about what Mustaqim had gone through ten years ago until he left a scar in a false love affair that forced him to become an orphan before time. Love lies that haunt until now.

“If he is, the sword that wields … I will be the shield that helps you survive.” -SIRATUL

But, it is true. Planning is free but the provisions may be different. Mustaqim once again fought the test when between him, Siratul and Melisa … Only separated by a fine line called death.

“You go first, Taqim. I will follow …” -MELISA
“Not happy in the world, you will be happy in heaven …” -SIRATUL
“Forgive me for bringing imperfect love into your life …” -MUSTAQIM

Their lives are both at the end of the page. Mustaqim rose with the rest of his breath for the sake of Siratul. But is he still brave enough to swing the sword against the test when his shield falls? He himself is not sure.


Khai Bahar – Durja