Tercipta Satu Ikatan Episod Astro Ria

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Drama Tercipta Satu Ikatan Episod Astro Ria

Look forward to the Tonton dan Download Drama Melayu ‘Tercipta Satu Ikatan’ adaptation of Laydee Amarfi’s novel will be aired on the Astro ria MegaDrama slot. Featuring the main coupling of Aeril Zafrel and Hannah Delisha. Drama directed by Pali Yahya published by Suhan Movies & Trading Sdn Bhd. KepalaBergetar.

Tercipta Satu Ikatan Episod Astro Ria HD

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Drama Tercipta Satu Ikatan

SIARAN TV : Slot MegaDrama (Astro Ria)
PENGARAH : Pali Yahya
PENULIS SKRIP : Syed Mohamad Taufik
PENULIS NOVEL : Laydee Amarfi
PRODUKSI : Suhan Movies & Trading Sdn Bhd
PELAKON : Aeril Zafrel, Hannah Delisha, Sophia Barakbah, Izzue Islam, Fyda, Nadhir Nasar, Nadiyah Shahab, Esma Daniel
WAKTU SIARAN :  Isnin-Khamis, 10:00 malam
Aeril Zafrel sebagai Daniyal
Sophia Barakbah sebagai Risa
Nadhir Nasar sebagai Sirhan
Fyda sebagai Qish
Hannah Delisha sebagai Leanna
Adira – Kesempatan Bagimu


Jeffery’s death has revealed one by one things that Leanna had never known about her father. The long-established marital relationship with Daniyal also suddenly became a victim of suspicion.

Why did you marry me? – Leanna

But when the question was answered, Leanna’s heart still could not fully accept. There are still things hanging unfinished. Daniyal’s better service than before also sometimes causes a strange feeling in the heart. Why did her husband’s attitude change?

Because I love you – Daniyal

Despite repeatedly mentioning love, Daniyal knew all that would not forever be able to cover up the secret that had been kept in his dictionary for years. Risa’s return in the state she was trying to build happily re-tense the situation. The woman will not stop chasing as long as what is desired is not achieved.

After you love him, you continue to forget me! Forget the original reason we started all this! – Risa

Don’t do this, Risa. I don’t want to fight with my own sister. – Daniyal

Is Daniyal love really transparent from the heart? Or is it because there is a sense of guilt that is mounting high? Leanna is once again stuck in a dilemma. Between trusting a beloved husband, or continuing to defend a father who is no more.

What happened all in all never involved Leanna. But why in the end he also had to bear all the misery?

Tercipta Satu Ikatan Episod Astro Ria

Tercipta Satu Ikatan Episod Astro Ria