The Maid Episod Astro Ria – Norman and Sherry Drama


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Drama The Maid Episod Astro Ria

Tonton the drama ‘The Maid‘ tells the story of a polygamous husband of four wives and given a maid each. Astro Ria Drama (HD) Comedy thriller genre, directed by Helmi Yusof. Will airing start date on January 6, 2021, every Wednesday, at 9.00 pm on Astro Ria (channel 104).

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Drama The Maid (Astro Ria)


Tells the story of a man named Jay a popular novelist. In the eyes of society, Jay and his four wives live in harmony and love but in fact they do not. Each of them hates each other and just pretends to be happy.

Drama The Maid (Astro Ria)

However, only their maids knew the real story. The conflict began with the death of Jay’s fourth wife, Elisa. Elisa was found dead while Jay and his wives were having dinner and Jay’s other three wives were murder suspects.

Drama The Maid (Astro Ria)

The investigation begins and secret after secret belonging to Jay’s wives has been revealed. The situation becomes even more mysterious when Citra emerges as the new maid.

Drama The Maid (Astro Ria)