TQ Captain Episod Astro Ria HD

TQ Captain Episod Astro Ria HD, We look forward to the dramatic adaptation of the novel TQ Captain by Arie Zaharie Production Sdn Bhd on the MegaDrama slot, Astro Ria. Hisyam Hamid, Mawar Rashid, Mark Adam . Drama produced by Arie Zaharie and Sdn Bhd under the direction of Jamal Khan. Screened from 9 Disember 2019, Monday through Thursday at 10 pm on Astro Ria and Ria HD.

TQ Captain Episod Melayu Drama

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TQ Captain Episod Astro Ria HD

Episod Total:20
Show Start Date:9 Disember 2019
Release Time:Isnin-Khamis, 10:00 malam
TV Release:Slot MegaDrama (Astro Ria & Ria HD)
Script Writter:Jamal Khan
Novelist:Tq Kapten “karya Qash Irdina”
Tv Episod Director:Jamal Khan
Tv Episod Production:Arie Zaharie Production
Tv Episod Actor:Hisyam Hamid & Mawar Rashid.


Tells the story of a famous journalist, Mikayla Mirza who has high commitment in carrying out her duties. Mikayla, who was originally an entertainment journalist with a taboo and a high ego, was challenged by her employer to make a special documentary coverage related to Maritime Malaysia which is an agency that plays a role in enforcing the law and doing search and rescue at sea. While Mikayla was on duty, she found herself with Lieutenant Commander Maritime Adam Alauddin, a Commanding Officer of the KM Bagan Datuk ship.